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Asset Management Programs

We provide access to a variety of asset management programs to meet the varying needs of our affiliates and their clients. Programs are selected only after they have successfully undergone our rigorous internal review process. The process begins with market research where the candidates are evaluated based on their commitment to technology and efficient backroom operations, consistent application of a disciplined investment process, fees charged, client reporting capability, minimum account size, total assets under management, and level of advisor support. Only those managers successfully completing the first phase of analysis are evaluated further, through on-site visits where we review the manager's systems and operations, and interview members of management and staff to make certain that only the highest quality managers and programs are selected. Before final selections are made, the manager's investment approach is reviewed again to ensure their inclusion serves to further diversify our offerings rather than create overlap.

SEI Investments - Our relationship with SEI allows our affiliates to provide their clients with access to the world's most highly respected institutional asset managers. Working only through a select group of investment advisors, SEI accepts no retail clients. SEI functions as the backroom preparing client statements and monitoring every trade made by each of their more than 30 style specific sub-advisers on a daily basis. Through SEI, our affiliates can construct and monitor investment portfolios which their clients could not obtain on their own. The combined minimum account size of the asset managers included in a typical SEI portfolio exceeds $350 million. However, through SEI our advisers can provide their clients with access to these proven institutional managers and institutional pricing with portfolio minimums as low as $25,000.

Individually Managed Brokerage Accounts - Signature develops individual asset allocation strategies implemented utilizing brokerage accounts custodied by Pershing, LLC. These portfolios may be based all or in part on a core group of model allocations and investment vehicles involving the use of open-ended mutual funds. However, the firm will consider and/or include an asset allocation, asset class and individual investments which you may own or wish to include in the portfolio. These other assets may include individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, real estate investment trusts, fixed and variable annuities, certificates of deposit, cash and other investments.