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The faith and confidence which our clients and affiliates demonstrate in us is an expression of the highest form of trust. This trust must be earned and continually reaffirmed through every aspect of our relationship. To fulfill this responsibility with the utmost professionalism, competence and integrity, we pledge to adhere to the following principles:

Client Centered
  • The attainment of financial success is a process rather than an event. Thus, every engagement must be conducted within the context of each client's overall goals, financial status and tolerance for risk.
  • The financial advisor's function is to describe alternatives and provide sufficient education to enable the client to make informed choices.
  • Our role is that of fiduciary, and as such, we will recommend no action, service or product to our clients that we would not implement ourselves in a similar situation.
  • We will provide our clients and affiliates with the same degree of consideration, respect and confidentiality that we desire for ourselves when seeking the counsel of others.
  • Client engagements will be conducted only by personnel possessing sufficient qualifications, training and experience to fulfill the responsibilities of the engagement in a competent and timely manner.
  • We facilitate the relationship between our affiliates and their clients by providing support, resources and training in the areas of financial services, investments and insurance.